Victor Newman has been in the dog house on "The Young and the Restless" many times over the decades. He has so alienated his family that at one point they all testified against him and Victor went to prison. "The Young and the Restless" writers always come up with a plot where Mr. Newman endears himself to his loved ones, they forgive each other and move on. This time however, redemption and forgiveness may not be an option. In yesterday's episode, Victor's son Nick finds out something that makes everything else pale in comparison.

Seek and ye shall find

Chloe is the one who has been on Nick's radar. He began to suspect that she had not truly forgiven his half-brother for the death of her daughter Delia. He traced her cell phone records, put a tracking device on her vehicle, and found evidence that she was responsible for Adam's demise. Yesterday as Nick was driving, he spots Chloe and once again follows her. She ends up at the air strip where the Newman jet is waiting. Nick has been seeking and now he was about to find out something he did not bargain for. He wanted the truth, but will he be able to handle it? Chloe is pacing back and forth, as if waiting on someone. It's dark and foggy, but through the midst, Nick sees a tall man walk out of the shadows, and begin a conversation with Chloe.

It's none other than his father Victor Newman. He and Chloe go inside a building on the property, and the episode ends.

The sins of the father

A preview for Monday's show has Nick Newman in the building, listening to the conversation between the accomplices. He overhears Chloe telling half the story. She tells Victor that she must flee because Chelsea found out that the two of them set Adam up for murder.

In that moment, will Nick put it all together, or will he be in shock that his father is in cahoots with the woman who murdered his son and Nick's half-brother in cold blood? "Young and the Restless" fans know that eventually, the entire truth will come out, and this is when the sins of Victor Newman will catch up with him yet again.

In addition to Nick, Adam was also the half-brother of Abbey and Victoria Newman. He once was married to Sharon, who is also the ex wife of Nicholas. There is his widow Chelsea, and Nikki, his stepmom. These family members will be devastated. Not to mention the glee that will come to Victor's nemesis Jack Abbott when he realizes "the moustache" has done it again. Practically the entire town of Genoa City are connected by blood, marriage or business associations. So this reveal will be far reaching. This will no doubt put a strain on his marriage, and be the one sin that Victor cannot atone for with anyone in town.