The original Netflix movie "Okja" has received a lot of controversy for the topic it explores. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho and written by both Joon-ho and Jon Ronson. "Okja" is about the special relationship between a young girl and super pig Okja. Okja was bred by Mirando Corporation and is the food source of the future. The treatment of the super pigs is explored in this motion picture and depicts savage and disgusting treatment of the genetically modified animals.

'Okja' raises some difficult issues

"Okja" begins as a seemingly innocent enough movie as it follows the adorable super pig Okja and her best friend Mija.

However, this innocence is quickly destroyed as Okja is taken away to be culled for food. As the plot unfolds the audience sees the brutal treatment of Okja and other super pigs. The sentient creature is prodded by electric rods, tied down, abused and is forced to mate with an abominable creature.

"Okja" is not for the light hearted. The treatment of the animals is shocking and the tears streaming down Okja's face during the abuse heighten the sense of helplessness. Joon-ho has made the decision to showcase these difficult moments in order to raise awareness for the animal industries that the audience facilitate. It turns out that Okja is a genetically modified animal, a fact that is kept from the public for the duration of the movie.

Genetically Modified Food is a controversial subject and thus the movie "Okja" has received mixed reviews.

Joon-ho opens up about the movie

In regards to the backlash, the director has simply stated that everyone is welcome to their own opinions. He realized that taking on the issue of genetically modified food would merit some negative reactions.

Joon-ho simply wants the audience of the movie to consider where their food comes from. He has openly stated that "Okja" is not an effort to try and get people to convert to veganism but rather an attempt to raise awareness.

He also shared some information surrounding the kind of genetic modification going on in the world today.

Okja is real, he says. Director Joon-ho pointed out that Canada is already produced a GM salmon which has FDA approval. He has met a Ph.D. student who told Joon-ho that he is working on a GM pig.

Joon-ho's movie "Okja" created a heated debate at Cannes Film Festival this year. The director has already started the discussion about GM food. The movie "Okja" and the central friendship of Okja and Mija coexisting is what he wants the audience to remember. Instead of culling these beautiful creatures, he believes, the world can co-exist with them.