'Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of July 3 reveal family tension builds between Salem residents after Hope is forced to arrest JJ for Deimos' murder. Things are not looking good for JJ this week. Everything points directly to JJ. Hope hates she has to arrest JJ in connection with the murder of Deimos, but at this time she has no other choice.

Will JJ take the fall for murder?

The evidence continues to mount; all things are pointing directly at JJ. It is not helping JJ's case that he has very little recollection of the events that led up to the murder.

During the interrogation, it is revealed that JJ's DNA has been found underneath Deimos' fingernails. Try as he might he just continues to draw a blank.

'Days' fans drawn into murder mystery plot

According to CDL reports Marlena steps in and offers to hypnotize JJ in hopes that she can help him regain his memory. Marlena has some success as JJ recalls his involvement in a nasty confrontation with Deimos. It is revealed that Lani was also a witness to JJ and Deimos' showdown. The blood stains found on JJ's shirt belong to Deimos, and it appears that JJ's career and life could be over.

However, "Days" fans are well aware that JJ is not the only one who has a beef with Deimos and have plenty of reasons to see him dead.

Sonny recalls having had his own violent encounter with Deimos that same evening and remembers tearing the mask from his face, leaving behind a bloody injury.

As Sonny slowly regains his memory of the events that took place at the Martin home. As things become clearer, and Sonny begins to doubt his innocence. Two more suspects could lurk in the background for now.

Nicole Walker, who has every reason to want Deimos dead, and Eric Brady. Eric is a longshot but is it a possibility.

It has been teased that Deimos' killer would be someone no-one expected, Eric Brady could be that person. Eric could have gone to Deimos for Nicole, and things could have easily gotten out of control. Eric has already proven that he would go to any length for Nicole, but would he kill her?

So many Salem residents hated Deimos and expressed their wishes to see him dead.

"Days of Our Lives" fans are well aware that Arianne Zucker, the actress who plays Nicole is leaving the popular daytime soap, sending her to prison for life would be one way to explain the character's absence, but that would make things too neat and easy. That being said, many fans are expecting a more tragic exit for Nicole, should Nicole turn out to be the killer will we see her sentenced to death?

Who do you believe is the real killer? JJ's innocence is going to be tough to prove, but Hope's gut is telling her JJ is not the killer, she just has to find a way to prove it. "Days Of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.