Trying to navigate around an unlit room at night can be frustrating enough, but take a moment to imagine being trapped inside a vast Cave System or an abandoned mine where no light can penetrate. During this new series, survivalists take on such a challenge that could last up to six very long and very dark days. Discovery is giving viewers an early look at the series during a special, two-night event beginning on Wednesday, August 2.

Participants must face and overcome whatever may be waiting for them in the vast darkness

Based on sensory deprivation training conducted by NASA and the military's Special Forces, three survivalists will have to work as a team to survive and find their way out without using one of their most valuable senses.

The task won't be easy, the trek will be grueling, and team members will be pushing themselves and each other both physically and mentally. A sneak-peek video shows one participant calling out as he begins his search in total darkness for his other two teammates.

One survivalist looks to be in a cave system, and he states that he wanted to see how much "isolation" he could actually tolerate. Whatever the reason, there seems to be plenty of fearless survivalists willing to not just survive, but to conquer this challenge without being able to see anything for days on end. Another scene shows all three survivalists climbing down a steep and rocky slope, and it's apparent that they can't see anything as one smacks his face right into a jagged rock outcropping.

The participants are also on a time constraint, so they must hurry to find one another and then find their way out. When their time is up, if they have failed to find their way out within the six-day time frame, they will be pulled from the challenge.

Without specialized equipment, filming the show would have been impossible

Filming such an endeavor obviously couldn't be accomplished in the past, but now there is technology available that makes it possible.

The show is shot by a specially-trained production team using the latest in thermal, infrared, and remote imaging gear. All the participants are given their own customized camera equipment as well that will not emit any light, so that they will be able to document their own individual experiences.

Will you be checking out this new series?

The two-night event airs on Wednesday, August 2 and Thursday, August 3 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. For those who can't get enough of Discovery's survival-based programs, "Naked and Afraid" will begin airing new episodes immediately after.