"Naked and Afraid" recently aired their premiere for the season. As fans know, the show puts contestants in some harsh environments with only one item each. It is up to them to find food, water and shelter. With the premiere, of course spoilers are coming out. The following will contain spoilers for one episode. If you don't want to know, stop reading now!

Anastasia Ashley, a professional surfer, and Cory Williams, a YouTube personality, find themselves paired together in Belize. "Naked and Afraid" had them on a 14 day trip but unfortunately it had to end early for Anastasia.

On the sixth night of the journey, the two encountered a swarm of sand flies. According to a producer, Anastasia endured constant bites from 6PM until 6AM before having to leave to seek medical treatment.

The sand flies were hatching and attaching themselves to her. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Anastasia described the ordeal as one of the worst experiences of her life -- to be naked in a jungle with newly hatched bugs attacking. There was nowhere to hide, no way to get away from them, and the bikini she had made out of duct tape wasn't enough to protect her from the swarm. She said it was "pure torture."

Sand flies, like many insects, can carry a lot of illnesses. The infectious disease they carry is called leishmaniasis.

It can cause lesions and open sores that scar the body. One form of the disease can actually damage the intestines, possibly leading to death if it goes without being treated.

A self-made video from "Naked and Afraid" has been released with her showing the bites to the cameras. She describes her body as "rashed."

(As a side note, doesn't this just remind you of the old saying from the playground, "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest you!" or was that just in my hood?)

No word on how Cory did completing the final eight days alone. Viewers will have to tune in to the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights to catch the episode. Check back with Blasting News for an update on when the show will air.