Gates takes viewers along for another fun and exciting adventure as he treks across 50,000 miles and four continents in order to prove that life does indeed exist on other planets. His journey will include traveling to some of the most remote areas on earth, ranging from traversing the African wilderness to hiking through the barren deserts of Chile, and onward to one of the world's most uninhabitable locations, Easter Island. Gates has one mission in mind, he wants to to discover the truth behind the legends and mysteries that surround extraterrestrial sightings and encounters.

Although Josh Gates is serious about the investigation, he's never too busy to have a little fun

On this "Expedition Unknown" special, Josh Gates will also be traveling closer to home as his search continues. He is fortunate enough to talk with astronauts about extraterrestrials, and is allowed access to what's going on behind the scenes at NASA's mission control center located in Houston, Texas. Known for his keen sense of humor and penchant for jokes, there will undoubtedly be plenty of lighthearted moments when Josh heads to Roswell, New Mexico to attend the UFO Festival. He will be the honorary guest of the 70th anniversary celebration of the famous Roswell incident, and will be participating in some rather unusual festivities.

Even as a child, Gates was obsessed with science fiction stories, and his imagination always had him looking toward the stars. Like so many others, he wondered what else might be out there, and for the four-part "Expedition Unknown" special, he is hoping to find out what scientists may have recently learned that can shed new light on the question of whether aliens really exist.

The Boston Globe shared that Gates used to be more skeptical, but after doing research for the special, he is now convinced there is alien life on other planets.

Besides hunting for aliens, Josh is returning for another regular season of "Expedition Unknown," and will be hosting a new show in the future

"Expedition Unknown" is a highly popular series and draws more than 10 million viewers.

Gates has a way of drawing in fans as he takes them along on his various adventures, and he has the ability to make each episode fresh and exciting. He also has a unique take on each investigation, offering viewers a different way of looking at some of the most well known and iconic locations, stories, myths, and legends.

As for his new show, which has the working title of "Legend Has It," Josh will share what experiences today's modern travelers might discover when they visit popular, ancient destinations around the world. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Are you a fan of Josh Gates? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. "Expedition Unknown: Hunt For Extraterrestrials" premieres on Wednesday, October 4 at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel.