The Southside Serpents pack a venomous bite, and their lawyer is no different. Unfortunately for Jughead, “Riverdale’s" new ambulance chaser is just as brutal on her defendants as she is in the courtroom.

‘Riverdale’ finds ‘The Snake Charmer’

If you want a snake to dance, you hire a snake charmer. If you want a serpent to do your bidding, you bill Penny Peabody.

Played by “Supergirl” alum Brit Morgan, Peabody will prove integral to getting FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) out of the slammer. Although she’s on retainer for the Serpents, TVLine reports that the crafty attorney will require more than just a paycheck for her services.

Ms. Peabody deals in favors, and it looks like Jughead (Cole Sprouse) will have to do her bidding if he wants his father to breathe free air once more.

Just how far is Juggy willing to go? Ulrich is a series regular for Season 2, which means legal proceedings will drag on. As the favors pile up, Jughead could easily find himself swapping roles to become one of Peabody’s defendants. The textbook outsider flashed a rare smile when he shrugged on his official Serpents swag, but donning that identity comes with a hefty price tag.

“He looks great, but that’s the nature of gang recruitment,” Sprouse told Access Hollywood. “Gang recruitment makes a lot of sense to a broken social structure. I mean, the [Serpents] came in right at the perfect time, so that’s like intro to gang recruitment.”

In other words, the Serpents can give Jughead the support structure he so desperately needs at the moment, only to cause his world to crumble in the long run.

Next time on ‘Riverdale’

The closing moments of the freshman finale spooled through a character montage, chronicling the aftermath of the Blossom drama and capping off the season with a blood-stained Archie bidding a heart-wrenching goodbye to the last remnants of his childhood innocence.

As season 2 begins, there are a few questions that are first and foremost in our minds.

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Is Fred Andrews dead, the victim of a seemingly random robbery? Whose malevolent machinations placed that gunman on a murderous path to Pop’s? Are the Southside/Northside tensions ready to boil over against a backdrop of drug smuggling, misplaced accusations, and the return of Hiram Lodge? No one knows for sure, but KJ Apa (Archie) dolled out the following teaser at MCM Comic Con in London.

“I think that Fred being shot changes everything for Archie,” Apa teased. I think we’re definitely going to explore a darker side to Archie for the next season. I think the whole show, in fact, is going to be a lot more subversive.”

Find out more when “Riverdale” returns to The CW on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. ET.