On the last episode of "Married at First Sight" on July 13, viewers heard Sheila loud and clear when she told Nate she did not want to be married to him any longer. Did she mean it? Did he think she meant it? Whether she meant it then or not, in a couple more episodes she will have to give the experts her decision. Does she want to stay married or does she want to get a divorce?

Viewers are waiting to find out her answer along with the other couples' answers. As of now, none of the marriages seem to be in survival mode.

Wife moves out

Not only did Sheila say she didn't want to be married to Nate, she proved it by packing her things and moving out of the house.

Sheila thought Nate was committed to making the marriage work, but they have had a lot of fights during the last few episodes. Sheila called Nate an inappropriate name and he said some awful things about her past that Sheila described as hitting below the belt. Whatever it was, it was enough for Sheila to tell Nate she had decided to leave the marriage because she was not going to stay married to him any longer. She takes her bags and her dog and leaves the house.

At first, Sheila did not respond to Nate's telephone calls, but she finally decided to meet with him. The meeting didn't go well. In fact, it might have made things much worse. Even after Nate apologized again, Sheila told him she didn't accept his apology.

She told Nate that their marriage was beyond repair. Sheila did not think her husband was sorry. She told him emphatically that she didn't want to be married to someone like him. Period. She said she was going to end the marriage, and it sounded like she meant it.

At one time, viewers thought Sheila and Nate were the only ones who would stay married.

Since there have been so many arguments, viewers aren't so sure anymore especially since Sheila has indicated she doesn't want to be married to Nate.

Last name

It is very interesting that Sheila is the only one who changed her last name. Of course, she can change it back with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Chicago where they live.

The other two women didn't change their last names yet. Ashley doesn't want to take Anthony last name at all. She wants to keep her own. She and Anthony have argued about that, but it might not be a deal breaker. Cody and Danielle haven't consummated their marriage, and it is almost time for them to make their decision.

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