Mindy Kaling has just announced that she is pregnant with her first child. She has revealed that the pregnancy was a huge and great surprise.

Pregnancy will not hinder Mindy Kaling's projects

It has been revealed that 38-year old actress Mindy Kaling is expecting her first child. The actress added that she was not expecting to get pregnant at all and received it as a great surprise. Nothing else has been revealed except that she is expecting.

The "The Mindy Project" star reassured fans that her pregnancy will not be an obstacle to her career. She revealed that her production commitments will take place as scheduled.

Kaling has openly expressed in an interview a couple of years ago that she wants to have children.

However, she is going to make sure that her career in the entertainment industry goes as planned despite delving into motherhood at an unexpected time. She explained that she hasn't thought of any child-rearing plans but she decided to be fast and loose about her kids. She simply said that she was not going to actively plan to have kids but if it happens, then she'll embrace it.

Kaling is currently at the height of her career as she has landed roles in various acting projects. The actress rocketed to fame when she starred in and created the romantic comedy sitcom, "The Mindy Project," which made its premiere on television in September 2012.

The said show made its debut on Fox but it has moved on to Hulu, where it will air its sixth and final season.

Kaling has starred in several films since then including "Inside Out" and "The Night Before." She has landed roles in upcoming films, "A Wrinkle in Time" and "Ocean's Eight", which are both set to premiere in 2018.

Mindy Kaling's keeping the identity of baby's father a secret?

Fans are no doubt thrilled that Kaling is finally with the child but there's still the big question regarding the identity of the father. The actress has not yet disclosed this information. She was last seen at the "A Wrinkle In Time" premiere held in Anaheim, California and she is noticeably wearing a ring but it is uncertain whether it's an engagement ring or not.

The great news came quite a surprise because nobody knew that actress was even dating anyone at the moment. Kaling was known to have dated her "Office" co-star BJ Novak in 2005 and was then in a relationship with Benjamin Nugent from 2008 to 2012.

Despite the fact that Kaling has yet to reveal the father of the baby, it seems like she has been preparing for her pregnancy. Reports reveal that the actress bought a two-story mansion in Hancock Park, Los Angeles and took almost a year to renovate the place.