Mark Harmon has been in the spotlight since he started playing the role of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in "NCIS." He earned international recognition when he portrayed another role in "The West Wing," as Secret Service special agent Simon Donovan, where he received Emmy Award nomination. While he is currently in the limelight, it seems that he is under fire over his relationship with his sister, Kristin Nelson, the wife of pop star Ricky Nelson. His sister is reportedly recuperating from her serious illness in her home in Los Angeles after being discharged from a hospital in Santa Fe.

However, the actor has declined to visit or even call his sister and an insider revealed that Kristin is in need.

Is the actor rejecting his sister?

An alleged insider recently revealed to Radar Online that Mark Harmon is too far from the being the hero that he is in "NCIS." "Kristin is nearly destitute," the source said. "She got a small inheritance from her mother who died in 2012, but that money's virtually gone now. [The actor] is worth millions. He won't kick in a penny to help her out." Okay, it sounds harsh for the actor's part that he has shut down everything from his sister but fans say that there is a reason behind this. However, others suggest that no matter what, a family will always be a family.

It can be recalled when Mark Harmon had a custody battle with Kristin Nelson over her son, Sam Nelson in 1987 of which the actor claimed that his sister wasn't capable of raising the boy. His nephew's psychiatrist testified that the boy described his mom as a "dragon" and complained that she never allowed him to be with his siblings.

The boy also complained that his mother has had mood swings that frightened him. The actor claimed that his sister did drugs with her son around although Nelson firmly denied it. However, he later dropped the lawsuit with his sister's lawyer saying that his decision was "unconditional surrender."

His 'NCIS' role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Mark Harmon is still one of the hot-topics among "NCIS" fans due to his alleged resignation from the police procedural series.

His doctors allegedly advised him to rest for a while to focus more on his health. However, these reports were never confirmed by the actor's camp. Instead, he is set to return to the series with his character that might have a new love interest in the upcoming season.

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