The ALDC founder, who is currently serving time for fraud, allegedly ceased her studio in LA and put it up for rent, at least for the time being. According to RadarOnline, the 50-year-old choreographer has decided to make the place available for lease while she faces one year and one day jail time.

Real Estate Agent Erica Taylor has also confirmed that the "Dance Moms" star's ALDC studio managed to get a lessor. "No, it is not available," Taylor revealed. "The space has been leased."

ALDC up for rent since May

Prior to being rented recently, Miller's ALDC studio became available for lease since May.

Sources revealed that an available rent sign was put on the back of Abby's dance studio, which was located at Santa Monica Blvd. ALDC studio, which was featured on the hit Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms," approximately has 8,692 square feet. Apparently, the realtor charges $3.50 per square foot of the famous location. It remains unclear though who exactly leased Abby's dance studio and what kind of facility it will turn into.

Abby Lee Miller's dance studio still in operation despite her absence

Although Abby's famous dance studio in LA has been leased, it is worth noting that ALDC is not completely out of business.

In fact, reports revealed that Miller's company opened up a new location.

The dance guru took to social media recently and shared the good news with her fans. Abby posted a video of several workers putting up the ALDC logo on the new building. It was also revealed that the new venue is close to their old location in Santa Monica.

However, it was clarified that Abby will not actually be able to visit her new studio until she accomplishes her prison sentence. The dance diva is expected to be away from the new venue at least for a year.

Life in prison

It can be recalled that on July 12, Miller started her 366-day sentence.

Prior to her check-in to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California, Abby opened up about her thoughts on living life in prison. The former "Dance Moms" star emotionally admitted that she fears to be in prison, adding that she "probably won't survive."

Meanwhile, reports revealed that during her time in jail, Abby tried to keep herself busy by doing some activities with other inmates. Apparently, Miller is cleaning prison bathrooms with the other fellow female prisoners and is expected to do so for the next few weeks.

Abby Lee Miller was charged with fraud in 2015 after hiding a whopping $775,000 of income from "Dance Moms" and other projects.