TV and radio celebrity, Maria Menounos, has spoken candidly with Megyn Kelly about her mother's struggle with stage 4 brain cancer and her surgery to remove a brain tumor. The 39-year-old gave an emotionally-charged interview with Megyn Kelly of NBC last Sunday. During the interview, which was on Kelly's program "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly," Menounos spoke about how she tried to make a deal with God after her mother ." she had stage 4 brain cancer saying that she wished she had been the one to receive the diagnosis and not her mother. Menounos believed that she had more strength and power to fight such an illness.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, not shortly afterward, Menounos herself started experiencing possible symptoms of a brain tumor. She paid a visit to her doctor and was told that she had a brain tumor and needed to see a specialist about surgery to remove it right away.

Brain surgery to remove tumor

Menounos revealed that she kept schtum about her upcoming surgery for quite a while. When she revealed the situation to her mother, Litsa Menounos, who was undergoing treatment for stage 4 brain cancer at the time, it was a mere three days before her scheduled operation. Speaking to Kelly about hearing the news, Litsa said that hearing the awful news was the equivalent of being punched in the face and that it is something "you cannot process".

Maria, fortunately, learned after her operation that her brain tumor was benign (non-cancerous). The recovery process has not been an easy one for Menounos. She recovered in the hospital while still worrying every day about her mother's condition.

On the road to recovery

Throughout this very trying time, Maria's fiancee, Keven Undergaro, has been her rock.

The couple has been together for nineteen years and hopes to start a family soon. Undergaro joined Megyn Kelly to speak about Maria's recovery saying that he is worried Maria's tumor may return. He also stressed that Maria, who is constantly on-the-go, needs to slow things down and reevaluate her current lifestyle. Maria is more focused on her mother's recovery process, and she expressed her hope that her mother would survive for a long time after her diagnosis and recovery.

The past couple of years has no doubt been a whirlwind for the Menounos family.

Maria is a well-known TV host, but you may know her from her acting stints in programs such as "One Tree Hill" and "Nashville."