Fans of the popular anime film “Kimi no Na Wa” or “Your Name” are delighted as it was announced that there will be a café bus based on the anime film. Cool Japan Travel, Inc. and Willer Inc., are working together with “Kimi No Na Wa” for a themed bus café.

The film was a major success becoming the highest grossing anime film in history, defeating Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. The film directed by Makoto Shinkai premiered at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles in July 2016 and was theatrically released in Japan in August. In the next couple of months, the film was released worldwide, receiving huge critical acclaim.

The central idea of the film is fate and that there is a person we are connected to and destined to meet. The film focuses on Tachibana Taki, a high school boy living in Tokyo and Miyamizu Mitsuha a high school girl living in rural Japan, and they swap bodies. The film’s target audience were teenagers, but the hype around it attracted people of all ages to watch the film.

Bus tour

Cool Japan Travel, Willer Bus, and “Kimi no Na Wa” are collaborating on the café bus. The bus tour will be open from August 3 until September 29. The bus will be taking the fans of the film around Tokyo, where some of the scenes in the film take place.

The bus tour will cost around US$50 (or 5800 JPY) and it includes a meal and a drink.

The menu will be composed of 3 set menus based on the popular dishes in the film, like the pancake that Mitsuha had while she was in Taki’s body.

The tour will be 90 minutes long. According to Willer’s website, the route will be passing through the pedestrian bridge at Shinanomachi Station, where Taki tried to call Mitsuha on the day of the accident.

The bus will also be passing through Shinjuku Yunika Vision and Yotsuya Station – the meeting place of Taki and Okudera-senpai for their date.

To further enjoy the tour and the sceneries, the second floor of the bus will be open. The first floor of the bus will also be available for those who want to enjoy the food in the café.

The outside of the bus will also be decorated with illustrations from the film.

Manga adaptation

On July 25, the spinoff novel of “Kimi no Na Wa” was released in the Cygames Cycomi app. It is called “Your Name. Another Side: Earthbound” The novel will focus on the side characters in the film. One of the stories revolves around Mitsuha’s friend Tessie, who dreams of changing his hometown, and Taki (as Mitsuha) helps him.

Another story is about Yotsuha, Mitsuha’s younger sister, and their father. It will revolve around their mother Futaba. Their father’s story is about how he fell in love with Futaba and how he felt when she passed away.