Maria Menounos is currently experiencing troubles in life that are not usual. According to E! News, their very own anchor recently underwent a seven-hour surgery. The operation aimed to remove her Brain Tumor, which was described as the "size of a golf ball."

On the other hand, her mother, Litsa Menounos, is also battling against stage 4 cancer. This situation is something people do not see every day and if there is one thing that can be offered, Menounos family needs all the prayer they can get.

Maria talks about her brain tumor

The 39-year-old TV host was first informed of the Diagnosis in April.

Well, her reaction was unexpected: she just laughed. After the scan and other necessary tests, they later learned that the brain tumor was called meningioma.

She did not cry because, during the said moment, Maria thought of it as a joke. It seems not to sink in immediately but she managed to inform her parents about the diagnosis. As expected, they were surprised.

Not wanting them to worry, Maria Menounos informed her parents about the details of her surgery days before it was conducted. She assured them repeatedly that everything will be alright. Meanwhile, she has been in the hospital for six days. As for her surgeon, Keith L. Black explained six to seven percent chances of the tumor’s return.

Litsa continues to be positive!

In February, Litsa first thought that what she was feeling is due to ear infection. However, despite the confirmed diagnosis, her latest scan shows that her cancer cells are shrinking. Litsa Menounos was reportedly stable and when the cancer was measured, it became smaller.

While the double diagnosis was a tough fight for Maria and Litsa, the former said her mother never cried and instead, has remained positive.

Meanwhile, Maria said she wanted to inspire people who know her story. “My perspective on life is completely different now. I feel like I have to find my real purpose," she shared.

Others may see the circumstance of their family as tragic but Maria Menounos sees it as a blessing. She believes that lots of good things can come out from their afflictions.

Furthermore, her fiancée Keven Undergaro has been supportive of her recovery.

According to the earlier mentioned source, her balance has not fully returned yet. As she describes it, her face is still numb and it will take a month before the complete healing. On a brighter, she is getting stronger each day and is ready to return anytime soon.