Angelina Jolie and her kids are reportedly staying in their new mansion which Jolie bought back in June for about $24 million. It is believed that their new place is way closer to Brad Pitt's home compared to where they stayed before. An insider from Hollywood Life revealed that the children are now getting closer to their dad's home and they couldn't be happier with their new place.

To recall, Jolie and the kids had spent their summer and spring in Malibu. Their previous home is an hour drive to where Pitt currently resides. Basically, being away from their dad is harder for the children.

Hence, Jolie opted to buy a new crib where she can bring her children closer to her estranged husband, Pitt.

Kids are happier being close to Pitt

Amid the split which happened between Jolie and Pitt back in September 2016, the former couple tried their best to make the situation smooth for their children. It has been believed that both have been working hard in order to co-parent their six children in the best way they can. When in Malibu, Jolie's children seemed to be loving the view from the beach; however, they did not like the fact that they were very far from where their dad lived.

Hence, as they moved into their new place, the kids reportedly seemed happier upon learning that they are now closer to their father.

Basically, their new home is only a skateboarding distance to where Pitt resides. Eventually, Jolie and Pitt's children will have much more time to pay a visit to their dad.

New mansion

As per Hollywood Life, Jolie bought their new mansion back in June. Their new place has six bedrooms, 10 baths, and an 11,000 square foot lawn.

Before Jolie had her recent trips with her kids, the actress made sure that she secured the new mansion for which her family could live when they returned. A source told Hollywood Life that the mansion was made ready for their arrival just in time for the return from their vacation.

Jolie was helped by her team to finally move in into their new place.

Reportedly, everything is well for the entire family as they finally settled down in their new home, which is only a stone's throw away from Brad Pitt's house. Despite their ongoing court battle for divorce, Pitt and Jolie had been doing their best in giving the best love and attention for their children.

It is also believed that Jolie now allows Pitt to visit the children. The family also had their little reunion when they were in London. The former couple also agreed to stay in touch for their sake of their six kids.