Fox released an exclusive look at “Luciferseason 3 during the San Diego Comic Convention, which only amped fans’ excitement to see the show. We have narrowed down some of the exciting things to watch out for when the series returns on Oct. 2.

Lucifer is back in Los Angeles

The devil is back in the City of Angels after a trip to the desert in the Season 2 Finale. To recap, the season ended with Lucifer waking up in the middle of nowhere after being conked in the head. It remains unknown who hit him and how he ended up in the desert. The good news is he somehow manages to escape the arid place and return to Los Angeles.

The devil and his wings

The last time we saw Lucifer’s wings was in Season 1. He burned it after he retrieved it from an art collector. All that remained was a single feather, which Maze used to heal Amenadiel. However, his wings are back in Season 3. Details about its return remain a mystery although Tom Ellis teased the devil’s father is in a way responsible. The actor, who plays the titular character, told TV Line that God is behind everything that has happened to Lucifer. The devil suspects that his father gave him back his wings as his way of manipulating him.

Chloe and Dan are back together in “Lucifer” Season 3

Lucifer and Chloe shippers relax. Ellis confirmed that the kiss the exes shared in the trailer does not happen in the present.

Instead, it is a flashback scene of when Chloe and Dan were still together. Apparently, one of the four stand-alone episodes that were supposed to be in Season 2 is a revisit at their relationship.

Charlotte does not know Dan

Talking about Dan, Tricia Helfer mentioned that Dan has some explaining to do when it comes to Charlotte.

With Lucifer’s mother out of her body, naturally, she does not know who Dan is and that they had a relationship. Dan would also be surprised to encounter a different Charlotte. Helfer said Charlotte exhibits a different personality now that mom is no longer using her body.

Ella and Lucifer take a musical trip

Aimee Garcia has since revealed that her character Ella and the devil will go on a little trip that involves singing and dancing.

The trailer further confirmed this with a scene that shows Ella dressed as a showgirl.

Lucifer and Chloe rekindle their romance in “Lucifer” Season 3

That last scene in the trailer shows the devil handing the detective a gift. They also share a meaningful look. This moment certainly had fans hoping that the pair will finally rekindle their romance.