Fox has released an exclusive look at Luciferseason 3 at the San Diego Comic-Con and a few scenes stood out from the preview. Most importantly, that kiss Dan and Chloe shared hinted at their reconciliation.

Is Detective Chloe Decker back with her ex-husband?

Going into the trailer is a scene that shows Chloe (Lauren German) at a crime scene and Dan arrives to give her a kiss on the lips. We hear Chloe say, “Dan not at work.” What is going on here? The last time we remember, they are no longer together. Chloe is obviously in love with Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Dan is in a relationship (?) with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer).

Does this mean that Chloe and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) are back together in “Lucifer” Season 3? Well, not really. It turns out this scene could be a flashback. The casts of the series sat down for an interview with TV Line's Michael Ausiello during the San Diego Comic-Con and answered some of the interesting revelations from the trailer. Ellis talked about that kiss with Dan and Chloe and revealed that the scene does not happen in the present.

Stand-alone episodes in 'Lucifer' Season 3

Fans may remember the four stand-alone episodes from Season 2 that were moved to Season 3. One of these episodes is a look back at Chloe and Dan’s life, apparently, while they were still together. From the trailer, fans can also notice that Detective Decker still wears the standard police uniform, unlike in the present, where she usually just wears a pair of slacks and a white polo shirt.

Tom Ellis also confirmed that the kiss the exes shared is from the flashback episode. “We played a bit with the structure of the show and so, some of the things you might have seen in the trailer might not be happening in the present day,” Ellis said.

Hope for Lucifer and Chloe to rekindle their romance

Does this mean that there is hope for the devil and Chloe to get back together?

The trailer may have hinted so if that intimate moment they shared is anything to go by. Nearing the end of the preview, Lucifer sees the detective asleep on his couch at his penthouse. He wakes her up and hands her a gift. The pair shared meaningful glances, which could mean anything, but shippers certainly want it to mean along the lines of love.

As for Dan, he has some adjusting to do when it comes to Charlotte’s change in personality. Now that mom no longer inhabits her body, Charlotte has no idea who Dan is and that they are in a relationship (sort of).