A source has told the The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros studio is working on a way to steer out actor Ben Affleck as Batman as gracefully as possible. This report comes despite key figures at Warners' saying otherwise and Affleck himself refuting the rumors around his future as the iconic caped crusader.

What the source says about Affleck's future

The source said that Warner Bros wants to handle moving Ben Affleck out of the role of Batman as delicately as possible by likely addressing the change in some way in one of the upcoming DC films that they have slated to release.

It is not yet known when or how this changing of the guard would take place, but the source said it would be smart to bet against Affleck starting in “The Batman”, which is still likely 5 years away from release.

Matt Reeves is directing that film, as Affleck has stepped down from directing it. Reeves has also dropped the script that Affleck and D.C. Entertainment's Geoff Johns wrote together. Reeves also acknowledged that he has ideas for a Batman trilogy, meaning that Affleck could be in his mid-50s by the time it ends. The studio may also look to bringing in a newer and younger actor to be Batman, especially after the success of “Spider-man: Homecoming”, which starred Tom Holland.

Key figures at Warners' publicly say otherwise

The film studio chief at Warner Bros, Toby Emmerich told the 'The Hollywood Reporter' in a statement that “Ben is our Batman. We love him as Batman.” He went on to see how they want to keep him in the role as long as possible. Reeves, who is currently the director of the studio's future standalone Batman movie said that he is planning on keeping Ben Affleck in the role.

Reeves is best known for having directed the two most recent “Planet of the Apes” movies, as well as 2008's “Cloverfield.”

Affleck himself refutes any rumors about future

Ben Affleck spent this past weekend at ComicCon to promote the upcoming “Justice League” movie, which comes out in November. While at the event, the actor refuted any rumors about his future as Batman, saying that he is committed to playing the role.

He continued to express excitement and enthusiasm for the role saying, that “I am the luckiest guy in the world” since he gets to be able to play the role of Batman. Affleck also stated that he believes those at Warner Bros that say they want him as Batman and stated that he is excited to work with Matt Reeves.