LongmireSeason 6 will be the final installment of the Netflix series based on Craig Johnson’s “Walt Longmire Mysteries” novel. Now that its cast members have finished the show’s production, little teasers are now emerging online.

In fact, there is a teaser photo that hints at the fates of Victoria Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) in the coming series finale. A lot of fans believe that the sheriff and the deputy will end up together, but it seems like the snap contradicts this assumption.

A new teaser photo

It's thought that “Longmire” Season 6 is going to give a fitting ending to the show’s story, so fans have high expectations that their lingering questions will be answered.

This includes the confusing relationship of Vic Moretti and Walt Longmire. In the new teaser photo uploaded by the show’s actor and writer A. Martinez on his Instagram account, he gave a glimpse of what he described to be the “last sequence shot” of the two.

The 68-year-old actor, who plays the role of Jacob Nighthorse, also teased that the photo has “come to the heart of the question.” Viewers can’t deny that Vic and Walt have a different kind of chemistry, aside from being partners at work and friends from the start. However, the two have yet to jump into a romantic relationship.

A possibility of a not so happy ending

While fans are excited to see a new photo from the set of “Longmire” Season 6, some are upset over what it portrays.

It seems as if Walt Longmire has a longing look on his face while staring at Vic Moretti. Katee Sackhoff’s character, on the other hand, looks like she is about to leave everything behind. To add fuel to the fire, A. Martinez also used the hashtag, the yearning, thus fans have given the snap a sad meaning.

Won’t the two get the happy ending viewers are expecting?

According to Inquisitr, it looks like Vic and Walt can’t seem to find the right time to be with each other romantically. The situation seems to be that either the sheriff is single and the deputy has a new relationship or she is unattached and he has someone special.

Nevertheless, fans haven’t lost hope that they will still end up with each other.

In Craig Johnson’s “Walt Longmire Mysteries” series, which the show is based on, Vic and Walt end up with each other at the end of the novel. Viewers still hope that it will happen. Then again, not every television series adapt all the details of the book on which it is based, so there are still possibilities that the show will conclude with them going their separate ways.