The production of “Longmire” Season 6 has now wrapped up, thus fans and its cast members alike are now celebrating its early return to the small screen. Although this will be the show’s swan song, viewers will still see their favorite characters on its remaining 10 episodes.

In fact, Netflix has given its fans the first look of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) shared on the television series’ fan page called Longmire Posse on Twitter. The snap was revealed in the middle of the Longmire Days celebration.

The first official look

“EXCLUSIVE first look at official image [sic] from #Longmire S6 on @netflix,” the photo’s caption reads.

By the looks of it, Walt Longmire is in the middle of an action as he seems to be running while holding what looks like a number of leather belts.

The photo also imposed a lot of questions as there is a lot of bodies seen lying on the ground. Are they all dead?

Robert Taylor’s character is evidently donning its signature cowboy look. The snap also proves that the sheriff is still working as an official as he is still wearing his holster. To recall, the previous season ended with a threat to his position. He had a “wrongful-death lawsuit,” Carter Matt reported. Also, the politics had interfered with his work and even his home and way of life were being threatened.

Now, time is about to change in Wyoming and all over the place.

Although Walt Longmire is not accustomed to changing, he will probably face the truth and enjoy and appreciate the things happening around him.

The stars’ final goodbye

Moreover, Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear, is the latest actor who bid his final goodbye to “Longmire” Season 6.

“My last day,” the 55-year-old actor captioned his snap. He even described his stint in the modern Western crime drama as a job that has enriched, taught, and reminded him of the humanity in their craft. “Thank you,” he ended his note.

Lou Diamond Phillips’ role is best known as Walt Longmire’s best friend and confidant. He, too, is the owner of the bar in the series called Red Pony.

He first played a low-profile character that gradually becomes involved and controversial as the story progresses.

Other stars who already bid their final goodbyes are Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire), Louanne Stephens (Ruby), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria Moretti), and Robert Taylor. The production of the show based on “Walt Longmire Mysteries” series by Craig Johnson is now complete, thus everyone is now excited to see its final episode on the small screen.