LongmireSeason 6 will be the swan song of the Western crime drama based on Craig Johnson’s “Walt Longmire Mysteries” series. Now that the television series’ production is about to end, its cast members are now bidding their final goodbyes on their respective social media pages.

This will be the last time fans will see Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Philips, and more in one series together. Viewers have to see the show’s last 10 episodes coming later this year on Netflix to know what is going to happen to the lives of the favorite sheriffs.

The star’s bid their last goodbye

Now, “Longmire” Season 6’s stars are teasing what’s to come as the show’s production is about to wrap up.

Cassidy Freeman, who plays the role of Cady Longmire, told her Instagram followers that she just finished filming her last scene for the television series. The 35-year-old star shared her picture inside the trailer that she had used as her temporary home in the last six seasons of the show.

Robert Taylor, who plays the titular character, Walt Longmire, shared a photo of her cap collection with engraved “Longmire” title on it. Also, the 53-year-old actor posted a series of snaps with the web series’ staff and crew. He even shared a photo where he was resting with Katee Sackhoff, who portrays the role of Victoria Moretti.

Louanne Stephens, the star behind the character of the dispatcher Ruby, is quite emotional as she shared the pictures of her send-off gifts from the show’s set on Twitter. This includes a name on her set chair and a bouquet of flowers from her fellow cast members.

Lastly, Adam Bartley, who plays the role of The Ferg, shared a group snap on his Instagram account.

“Not a dry eye in the place,” he captioned the photo while he revealed that they all get emotional when they say their last goodbye to Louanne Stephens.

The show’s post-production and release

Moreover, as the filming of “Longmire” Season 6 is about to end, it will be followed by a long post-production process.

The filmed episodes will be now edited and be perfect with the help of a computer. There will be also some additional ADR works that need to be done with the cast, Carter Matt reported. Basically, the stars are not yet done with the show, although they are already finished filming.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for Netflix’s announcement for the official release of the show’s sixth season. It is expected to be out this fall, either in September or October. Fans would definitely won’t miss the last time they are going to see their favorite crime procedural drama on TV.