LongmireSeason 6 will be the final installment of the modern Western crime drama on Netflix and it is said to have a big, epic ending. The show’s production is about to come to a close and its cast is now teasing what will be their future in the 10-episode final chapter. It has been said that the series finale will give a satisfying ending to the lives of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), Victoria Moretti (Katee Sackhoff), and Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) among other. According to a report, the show’s final season will be focusing on the lives and relationships of these key characters.

Henry to face and mend all his problems

Lou Diamond Phillips has been known for sharing little updates about “Longmire” Season 6 on his social media pages. In fact, recently, the 55-year-old star revealed that they have been too busy filming the show that they had to shoot some scenes for five episodes in just one day. He explained that the weather has been keeping them to shoot scenes normally, thus they have to rush up whenever it is possible.

In the show, the future of his character as Henry will be finally revealed. Fans have been longing to see if the Red Pony bar owner will live or die in the final season. According to Cartermatt, he has been on the verge of life or death situations because of Malachi Strand (Graham Greene).

His relationship with Walt has also broken along with the problems he has to face with the former tribal police chief.

In “Longmire” Season 6, Henry will have the chance to fix his broken relationship with Walt after the latter accused him of killing his wife. Aside from acting, Lou Diamond Phillips will be directing the television series’ second episode.

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Walt and Vic’s future

Meanwhile, fans have been hoping to see a happy ending in the love story of Walt and Vic in “Longmire” Season 6. Since day one, the chemistry the two have has been very evident. Hence, a lot are expecting that they will end up with each other. In Craig Johnson’s “Walt Longmire Mysteries” series, which the show is based, Walt and Vic are going to end up together.

So, if Netflix is going to stay true to the book’s story, there is a big possibility that fans are going to witness their wedding.

Character’s return and show’s release

Meanwhile, someone is set to be back in “Longmire” Season 6 with Barry Sloane as Zachary. However, the role of the 36-year-old star’s storyline is not yet revealed, thus no one knows how he is going to help Walt, Vic, and Henry in the show’s final bow, the Hollywood Reported cited. Also, Netflix has yet to reveal the official release of the television series’ final season, but some believed that it will be in September.