Lamar Odom was a former NBA star. Odom was the former husband of Khloe Kardashian, but their marriage fell apart due to Odom's addiction to cocaine and his wild lifestyle. They have subsequently filed for a divorce and Khloe is now seeing someone else. Lamar was involved in a near death experience when he overdosed on cocaine. The star has recently opened up about some of the darkest times in his life. Lamar does not shy away from the gory details and appears to accept full responsibility for his actions.

The star talks about his addiction to cocaine

According to BR, Lamar Odom opened up about his addiction to cocaine. This addiction is what led to the celebrity's near-death back in 2015. Odom openly stated that back in those days he was doing cocaine once, if not three times, every single day. He admitted that the addiction was something that took over his life completely. He could not control his desire to take the drug and stated that he knew he had hit rock bottom when his wife at the time found him high in a hotel with another woman.

In 2015, the star suffered an overdose which left him with a very difficult road to recovery ahead of him. He stated that when he was in the hospital, the experience was extremely overwhelming as he was left unable to walk.

Lamar worked hard and had since recovered from the overdose. He is now clean but states that every day is a battle for him. While he has overcome his initial to cocaine, he knows that he could easily slip back into his old ways.

A bad husband to Khloe Kardashian

According to Entertainment News, Lamar Odom has also talked about his treatment of his former wife, Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe was with Odom during some of the darkest years of his addiction. However, Lamar's issues led to their subsequent divorce. Lamar has stated that the way he treated Khloe was unforgivable. He said that he was a terrible husband to Khloe and wishes that he could take back a lot of the hurt he caused the Kardashian.

Lamar's addiction with cocaine landed him in some dangerous situations.

One of the worst things he did was cheat on his then wife with another woman. Odom has stated that at the time he did not care that he was cheating on Khloe. He explained that the nature of cocaine of addiction makes some do some bad things just to get the next hit. He stated all he cared about was getting high with this woman he did not even know.

The 37-year-old appears to have learned from his struggles with addiction. Lamar Odom is now in recovery and is determined to stay on the right track from here on out.