It seems Kylie Jenner’s list of legal troubles just keeps getting longer. Recently, reports surfaced once again that an artist sued her over designs used for her new reality show. This news comes just a few weeks after the star also had legal issues over vintage t-shirts.

Glowing lips logo

Allegedly, the 19-year old copied the work of a veteran painter. Based on legal documents, artist Sara Pope accused Jenner of copying and using her logo for the TV star’s reality show. The logo in question is called “Temptation Neon.” It’s a lip biting image with dripping lipstick.

When put side by side, the two logos do look very similar. Both have glossy lips in a semi-bite action, visible teeth, and lipstick dripping. Both show a glowing effect around the entire lip outline. The only notable difference would be the color of the lips. Jenner’s is neon pink while Pope’s creation is more on the red shade.

According to Pope, she designed the image back in 2015. The set of glowing lips is a popular feature of Jenner’s reality TV show. Entitled “Life of Kylie,” it follows her day to day activities as a model, entrepreneur, and celebrity. The image is part of the show’s trailer and promotional materials.

The case of mistaken identity?

Pope sued Jenner for the supposed stolen art design.

Unofficial feedback from the crew of the reality show, meanwhile, shared that a third party group produced the lip piece. This means Jenner had nothing to do with the decision to use it in any of the marketing work.

Shirt legal case

Viewers are shaking their heads with this news as it comes just a few weeks after Jenner and her sister Kendall were sued for a t-shirt line they released.

The two launched a line of oversized shirts with controversial prints on them. They used photos of iconic musicians like Tupac Shakur, The Doors, and Notorious B.I.G. These images were printed on shirts with graphics of the sisters’ sexy photos placed on top.

Following the huge backlash the sisters received on social media, each Jenner posted apologetic statements.

They admitted that they failed to conceptualize the designs well and apologized to those offended by it. They stated that they have learned their lesson and will apply them as they continue their businesses.

A lot of critics slammed the sisters for releasing such offensive and distasteful clothing. The family of The Doors and Notorious B.I.G. filed a cease order to stop the sale of these garments.

Tupac’s family expressed their anger and disgust as well for the use of their son’s photos. These estates have hinted that the canceled sale of these shirts was not enough but no lawsuit has been heard from them yet.

It’s Michael Miller who took to court and pursued legal action. He was the photographer who captured the legendary shirtless snap of rapper Tupac.

According to him, the girls exploited his work duly registered in the U.S. Office of Copyright.

At present, the case filed by Sara Pope is still in pending status. If claims are true that the image was designed and used by third parties, Jenner would be off the hook. If there is proof that she picked it herself, then she should make a game plan once again on how to appease this situation.