The latest episode of the fifth and final season of Orphan Black just aired and it was a roller coaster of an emotional turn of events. There were characters who died but most importantly, Helena has been captured.

Gracie’s decision

In the previous episode of “Orphan Black” Season 5, Mark Rollins and Gracie Rollins returned to play major roles in Coady’s plans to obtain Helena and her special unborn twins. Dr. Virginia Coady convinced Mark to help her by telling him that she was close to making a cure for the Castor clone’s sickness.

Mark then told Coady that he actually had a way to find out where Helena has been hiding.

In a surprising turn of events, Gracie appears in front of Helena at the convent where the latter was hiding in.

In “Orphan Black” Season 5, Episode 8, Helena suspected that Gracie’s sudden and unexpected appearance had more to it than what she’s trying to let on. According to Gracie’s story, Mark died two weeks ago and she had nowhere to go.

Gracie explained that she found the convent because she remembered Helena’s story of the Ukrainian nun who helped her. Helena was still suspicious but let Gracie feel her babies, telling her that unborn twins remembered her and because of this, Gracie suddenly had a change of heart.

Coady gets to Helena

In the new episode, Gracie called Mark to tell him that she was still looking for Helena.

Coady, who saw through her lies, traced the call and sent her goons to the convent.

Helena found out that Gracie called Mark and after hearing her out, Helena told her that they had to leave the convent while there was still time. However, the men who were after Helena was already waiting in her room in the convent and was able to capture her without putting up a fight.

Clone Club on the move

Shortly after Siobhan’s heart-wrenching death, which was revealed in the previous episode, the Clone Club was off to save Helena when they learned from the nun at the convent that Coady and Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland had abducted her. The preview for “Orphan Black” Season 5, Episode 9 also revealed that Rachel will most likely be on board to save her clone sister.

Kira Manning’s keeping them in the loop on Helena’s condition while Rachel also learns from one of the board members of Dyad Institute that she has the biggest target on her back compared to her clone sisters. Meanwhile, Mark might just betray Coady and help Helena escape instead after he finds out that they killed Gracie at the convent after securing Helena.