Kendall Jenner may be known for her sweet and pretty face, but the Victoria's Secret model is certainly not the one to hold back her thoughts, especially when it comes to her sister, Kylie Jenner. In one of the episodes of "Keeping Up The Kardashians," Gigi Hadid's BFF commented about the 19-year-old Kylie Lip Kit mogul's face that caught her off guard.

Before venturing to their solo projects, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner already had a fashion collaboration line, and their new collection is set to launch soon. While Tyga's on-and-off girlfriend looked calm and collected, the 21-year-old fashion model and TV personality was apparently feeling the pressure.

Kendall determined to be taken seriously by the public

Kendall Jenner obviously wanted their new "Kendall + Kylie" collection to be a total success, noting that she has tried hard to build a brand and not to be known just by her famous last name and sisters. The model wanted to prove that she is more than just a reality star and that her success is a result of her hard work and perseverance.

"I'm proud of the [Kendall + Kylie] line, but I've worked hard to be taken seriously and recognized in Vogue and the fashion world," Kendall Jenner said in the "KUWTK" episode. "If this doesn't go as well as we hope, it might, you know, tarnish some thins in the modeling world, so it's even more frightening."

Kendall points out Kylie's fake appearance?

In the episode, Kendall Jenner was busy arranging their new "Kendall + Kylie" collection and Kylie Jenner was trying to calm her sister down by telling her that everything will be okay.

There was one point that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan held the model's hand, looked her straight in the eyes and assured her that they "got this." In response, Kendall told Kylie that she looked like a Bratz doll (a doll known for having huge eyes and lips).

While most would take Kendall Jenner's comment as a compliment, Kylie Jenner's reaction showed that she wasn't too pleased with her sister's comment especially because she has been a subject of plastic surgery issues for quite awhile now.

Although the VS model's comment does not confirm if the teen has done something to her face, it did remind everyone how much Kylie Jenner's appearance changed.

After admitting to doing temporary lip filler, Kylie Jenner is bombarded with speculations that the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" stop did not stop there. Many have accused Kim Kardashian's youngest sister to have gone under the knife more than she could admit.