It's going to be mother versus mother when "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" momager Kris Kardashian decides to dip her toes into the legal drama between her son, Rob Kardashian, and his ex-fiance Blac Chyna. Last week, drama ensued when Rob Kardashian took to his Instagram to publish explicit photos of Chyna. His Instagram was promptly shut down, but he continued his tirade on his Twitter account.

There, he claimed that explained that while he "loved Chyna as my wife nad accepted all the wrong she did," the former stripper and model "couldn't remain loyal and cheated" on him.

He mused that their seven-month-old daughter, Dream was "the best thing that's happened to me" but as soon as she was born, "Chyna was out." He explained that Chyna only had his child to spite Tyga, who dated Rob's sister, Kylie Jenner, and later broke up. The 30-year old Arthur George sock business owner admitted that he "learned my lesson and everyone else was right."

Blac Chyna files for temporary restraining order

Blac Chyna has taken legal action against Rob Kardashian after he posted explicit photos of her. She hired celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her, and Bloom has already filed for a temporary restraining order against Kardashian. Chyna is set to appear in tomorrow's "Good Morning America" to share her side of the story and talk about being the victim of "revenge porn," whose perpetrator is punishable under California law.

Victim telling her story on 'Good Morning America'

Blac Chyna is opening up to the public in tomorrow's episode of "Good Morning America." The former stripper and model is set to tell her side of the story and talk about being a victim of "revenge porn," which perpetrator is punishable under California law.

Kris Kardashian is ready to protect her family

None of the Kardashians have released official statements on the recent drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, but a source told Hollywood Life that the family is aware that Chyna is "capable of anything.

She could make it very hard for Rob to see his daughter."

In addition, Chyna allegedly "knows some of the family skeletons they don’t want to get out. [The Kardashians] consider her dangerous." It seems that Kris Kardashian is taking all this family drama in stride, as she's currently busy jet-setting with her boyfriend Corey Gamble in Portofino, Italy, Daily Mail reported.

The 62-year old was spotted grabbing dinner with her boyfriend over the weekend. It may seem that she's taking a breather before Chyna heads to "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to air make her side of the story known.