It's finally quiet in the Twittersphere following Rob Kardashian's outburst last week, when he published explicit photos of his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Blac Chyna. The sock business owner took to both Instagram and Twitter to talk negatively about Chyna, accusing her of cheating on him, doing drugs, and sleeping with other men in their bed. Kardashian's Instagram was promptly shut down, but the 30-year old took to Twitter to have one final say: "I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that's why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was right." Chyna has enlisted the help of celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom for a temporary restraining order against Kardashian, who she said through a SnapChat update had physically abused her.

T.I. weighs on on the scandal

Rapper T.I. recently spoke out about the Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna scandal. According to E! News, the 36-year old rapper blasted Kardashian for airing out his dirty laundry. He said, "Don't tell women's business. That's's poor character. It's flawed." He added that secrets are "sacred" and what Kardashian did was "a whole next level of f---boi s---."

Lisa Bloom determined to fight for Blac Chyna

Following the Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna social media scandal, celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom released as statement saying that she's ready to fight for Chyna, as it is "an important women's rights issue." The attorney claimed that so many women fall victim to what has been called as "revenge porn," where former lovers publish explicit photos of their partners to get revenge.

Blac Chyna opening up about revenge porn

Blac Chyna will be exclusively speaking to ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to speak out on the issues surrounding her and Rob Kardashian, US Weekly reported.

ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis took to Twitter early Monday morning to let people know that both Chyna and Bloom will be on hand to talk about revenge porn, and even tagged "#RobKardashian" in the Twitter post. Meanwhile, Kardashian has remained silent on his Twitter, and his Instagram is still deactivated. Chyna told Page Six on Saturday, "I was could these pictures of me?

This is a person that I trusted. I just felt...betrayed." Now whether or not her betrayal came first, viewers will find out when she appears in Tuesday's "Good Morning America."