kim zolciak may be a successful reality star thanks to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and her own show, “Don't Be Tardy,” but that doesn’t mean she’s out of trouble. It sounds like she has a big heart, as she has invited several people into her life without really knowing their true motives. Over the past couple of years, fans have seen how Kim has tried to find a nanny for children, tried to find cleaners for the house, and even tried to get to know people in her own way.

However, it sounds like someone had tried to fool Kim recently because she opened up on her Instagram profile about people who cheat others.

And it sounds like she's thanking God for teaching her a lesson in regards to these individuals.

Who used this reality star for fame?

On her Instagram page, Zolciak revealed that she had learned of a couple people who had been using her over the past couple of years. She explains that they may have tried to capitalize on her fame for their own personal gain. Zolciak points out that she was completely oblivious to it because she wouldn't allow herself to think that way.

No word on whether her husband Kroy Biermann picked up on the fact that people were using his wife for their own personal gain. However, Kim reveals that she's doing just fine and she writes on her Instagram post that she keeps succeeding.

She even wished them well even though she no longer wants anything to do with them. She points to the fact that she only wants to be surrounded by people who love her.

Since Kim and her family are currently filming the newest season of “Don’t Be Tardy,” one has to wonder if this will be addressed on her show. The way Kim is presenting it on Instagram, it sounds like this is rather juicy and she feels completely betrayed by these individuals.

She may want to call them out as she has done with her own parents.

Could Kim return to the spotlight?

Many rumors are swirling that Kim Zolciak may be returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for this upcoming season. Kim has revealed that she would be interested in making some appearances, but she's also revealed that she enjoys filming her own show because it is less dramatic.

But if people are using her because she's on a hit reality show that focuses on herself and her family, one has to wonder if she will ever be able to completely escape the drama.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak’s decision to call people out on her Instagram page? Even though she's not mentioning any names, do you think these people know who they are?