shannon beador may be gearing up for another season of “The Real Housewives of orange county,” but she has revealed that her family comes first no matter what. This housewife has been through quite an ordeal over the past couple of years, as she learned that her husband David Beador had been cheating on her.

Last season was rough for her, as she tried to rebuild her marriage to him when she chose not to divorce him. Shannon could have easily become one of the statistics for Orange County, joining many wives who chosen to divorce their husbands over cheating and financial issues.

But Beador was an example for her three daughters and she wanted them to know that you can fight for your marriage and make it work.

Why she's having fun with embarrassing her kids

These days she has revealed that she's very happy in her marriage and she is trying to be a fun and loving mother. Shannon proved this in one of her Instagram's photos recently as she revealed that she will go to great lengths to embarrass one of her daughters.

As it turns out, her daughter Stella was playing in a volleyball tournament and to embarrass her daughter, Shannon decided to get a T-shirt made where it says “The Real Moms of Volleyball.” The saying on her shirt looks a lot like the official logo for “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and Shannon writes in her Instagram post that she's wearing this all day to cheer her daughter on during the last day of her volleyball tournament.

Shannon also points out that her daughter is completely horrified but she's having fun embarrassing her kids. Many of her fans reached out to her saying that she looked beautiful and that it was awesome to see her this happy. On the previous season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Beador was often upset with Vicki Gunvalson and she felt extremely betrayed by Vicki who kept bringing up the fact that her husband supposedly beats her.

She has moved on from Vicki Gunvalson drama

Shannon kept denying that this happened, and she shared the story about how she had fallen on when they were on vacation. She shared this story when they were filming the reunion special last year. During the show’s hiatus, Shannon gained a tremendous amount of weight and she has been open and honest about her weight gain.

One can imagine she'll open up about this on the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” which starts on Bravo this Monday.

What do you think about Shannon Beador embarrassing her daughter at her volleyball tournament? Do you think Shannon is taking her role as a housewife too far by having T-shirts made to embarrass her children? Do you think this is a hilarious way for Shannon to poke fun at the reality show?