Kanye West is said to be nervous about having another woman carry his child; it’s been reported. The rapper doesn’t think highly of using a surrogate to have his third child with Kim Kardashian, a source tells Hollywood Life.

But since the mother-of-two has had endless complications with her previous pregnancies, it would be too much of a risk to even attempt conceiving the natural way. Following the birth of Saint West in December 2015, Kardashian reportedly needed two surgeries on her uterus. Doctors carefully explained to the 36-year-old at the time that if she was to think about getting pregnant again in the future, it could lead to painful complications in the long run.

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With that in mind, and knowing that she wants to have a bigger family, Kim Kardashian has reportedly had several discussions with Kanye West about the idea of using a surrogacy. While the “Stronger” hitmaker wants more kids, he’s skeptical about using a surrogate.

Sources tell the celebrity news outlet that Kanye West has severe trust issues. If he can’t even trust some of the people around him, it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to carry his child.

Kanye understands that this is the only option for him and Kim to have another child, so he’s going to have to suck it up and pull through with it, an insider shared. But saying that it’s not necessarily a route Kanye West would want to take to have another baby would be an understatement.

“It is a real challenge for Kanye to trust anyone, so the situation is causing major tension between Kim and Kanye. But he’s being supportive despite his major fears about using a surrogate for their next baby.” an insider explains.

Kim Kardashian desperate for a third child, reports claim

“Kim is super hopeful about using a surrogate but Kanye has been nervous and apprehensive about the entire process,” the insider added.

West fully understands his wife can no longer carry more of her own children the natural way.

Using a surrogate to expand their family is the only way Kim and Kanye West will be able to welcome more children into the world unless they were to take the adoption route, which seems to be out of the question for right now.

Kim and Kanye West are already on the lookout for their ideal surrogate, with one insider mentioning that the process could be finalized before the end of the summer. This evidently means that the couple would welcome another child into the world sometime in 2018.