Kate Hudson is reportedly pregnant with twins, and get a load of who the alleged babies daddy is...Brad Pitt! A new report states that the previous rumors of Brad and Kate dating were not rumors after all.

Brad Pitt ready to settle down again?

Brad Pitt is already an experienced father of six with his ex-wife actress Angelina Jolie. So, what is another set of twin? Brad was rumored to have been spotted with a few celebrity women following his split with Angelina. Sandra Bullock, Sienna Miller, and Kate Hudson. However, now there is a new report according to Inquistr that claims Woman’s Day magazine via Now To Love has issued a “shock exclusive” on July 31, revealing that Kate Hudson is carrying Brad Pitt's twins.

Kate Hudson recently dirt bike riding with son

The magazine claims that 38-year-old Kate is over four-months along in her pregnancy and recently went to her OBGYN to have an ultrasound that delivered her a double surprise...twins! The magazine even claims to have spoken with some of Hudson's friends, who said that Kate does not doubt that Brad Pitt is the father.

WD even goes as far to claim that Kate and Brad are "thrilled" to be expecting twins. Imagine if this is true, george clooney and Brad Pitt's twins will be the next best of friends! However, it is doubtful that Woman's Day magazine would have an exclusive if this big of celebrity news were not true. The Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt rumors first started last year just after his split from Angelina.

It seems a celebrity security guard by the name of Kris Herzog spoke with Woman's Day revealing it would not surprise him if Kate and Brad were dating, adding that he believes they would make a great couple. As previously reported, the same news about Sandra Bullock and Brad dating was also reported, only instead of a security guard, the news allegedly came from a close friend.

The friend also claims that George Clooney set Sandra and Brad up because he believed they would make a perfect couple. Oddly, enough, Brad and Kate have not been spotted together in quite some time. As for Kate, well she recently posted photo's on her Instagram revealing that she had been dirt bike riding with her son. It is hard to believe Hudson would be engaging in such dangerous activities if she was actually four months pregnant with twins, wouldn't you agree?

Should Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt really be expecting twins together the media coverage would be huge. It is also believed that news of this type would most likely not sit well with Brad's other six children. Even though mom and dad are divorced news of this type would be a massive blow to the children. This is something that most just can't see Brad doing especially this soon after the divorce.

So for now, we are going to have to give celebrity baby news a big question mark. Stranger things have happened in the celebrity world. If there is any official confirmation on this crazy baby news you can bet it will come from People, or ET first.

What are your thoughts about the Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson twin pregnancy?