If there's one thing Hollywood loves to do, it's pit two talented actresses against each other. Working on the same project also fuels the whole "who out-performed the other best?" list and even allows for some to compare just how well they sing and dance (considering they did a lot of that in the film.) Two people who do not have any time for that nonsense are Disney Channel starlets, Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain.

The whole air of a feud between the "Descendants 2" starlets started in a now deleted tweet from a fan that clearly got the Liv and Maddie star's attention.

Dove's response to a question of whether or not there was some kind of bad blood between her and the A.N.T. Farm starlet was enough to bring on the 'LOL's.' It also got the actresses a little peeved, considering that there is no drama between either of them.

There's zero need to start these kinds of rumors, and the Hairspray actress is definitely right - where did the speculation even come from?

That's not where this story ends, though. Dove decided to take things even further by showing fans that she and China pretty much talk and text all day - well, they send each-other voice messages.

China also decided to chime in once she caught wind of the tweets, and some laughing emojis were used to show just how hysterical she found this whole situation. The actress also decided to share her two cents, by admitting that she loves Dove Cameron as much as any friend could.

Once the air was somewhat clear, Dove decided to also let her adoring fans know that with her busy schedule, there isn't much time left to begin thinking of a feud; let alone start one with a dear friend.

Stories such as this are pretty boring to the starlet, and she doesn't have the time to continue responding to them.

The two starlets did a great job at playing up the drama and dislike of one another as Mal and Uma in the sequel to the hit Disney Channel film, but fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the hatred didn't translate off-screen.

Besides, Dove is absolutely right - another boring story about feuding actresses is nothing interesting. What might peak a bit more interest is not just seeing how the two get along, but even catching a glimpse at the type of friendship they have.

That would surely be a take on their relationship that isn't reported on much because let's face it - feuds drive clicks but every once in a while, would it be so bad to read a nice story about two people defending their friendship?