Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock are reportedly dating and it is all thanks to Brad's close pal george clooney. According to Yahoo News, there is some pretty strong talk around Hollywood that there is a possibility that Brad and Sandra are today's newest celebrity hookup.

Is Brad Pitt rebound dating too soon?

The report claims that Brad is finally ready to put his failed marriage to Angelina Jolie behind him and move on, and Sandra Bullock could just be the lady to help him do it. It is no secret that Brad has had a pretty rough year thus far with his recent divorce and nasty custody battle with his former wife Angelina Jolie.

But Brad's close pal George Clooney, who is also great friends with Sandra is said to be pushing these two together because he believes this would be a terrific match up. Now that Geoge is an old married man and soon to be father of twins with wife Amal he just wants to see all his pals as happy as he is.

Could Sandra Bullock ever fully trust Brad Pitt?

An inside source reportedly reveals to IBT that Brad and Sandra are keeping things very quiet right now until they see how things are going to go between them, it is pretty early in the alleged relationship, so this would be a smart move for both celebs. However, nothing at this time as been officially confirmed, but should this Hollywood hookup prove to be true many fans also believe that the two would be a perfect pair.

Bullock is not the only rumored woman in Brad Pitt's life since his split from Angie, he has also been rumored to have been dating actress Kate Hudson and as previously reported recently reached out to another of his exes, Jennifer Aniston, whom he has been having some pretty deep conversations and text chats with. This too has also caused some serious speculation of a possible reunion.

Obviously, Brad has pretty spectacular taste when it comes to beautiful Hollywood ladies, but, sadly for Brad Pitt, he has been labeled as a cheater, remember the whole Brad cheated on Jen while they were married with Angie scandal of the early 2000's? So it is a safe bet that any woman who chooses to venture into a romantic relationship with Brad will probably tread lightly considering his past.

So, for now, things appear to be up in the air for Brad with many believing that he should just take some more time to regroup before jumping into another romantic relationship no matter who it is with. What are your thoughts, do you believe Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock would make an awesome couple?