Justin Beiber was reportedly spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday as he enjoyed his lunch at Beverly Hills, California, following the news that he is canceling his "Purpose" World Tour. According to the report from Entertainment Tonight, the 23-year old singer appeared to be in a good spirit as he enjoyed eating at Sugarfish. Amid the news that some of his fans were disappointed over the tour cancellation, the singer seemed to be perfectly doing fine.

He was spotted sporting his white shirt, printed shorts and a Vans slip-on while eating some sushi in the restaurant.

To recall, the singer has confirmed on Monday that he'll be canceling the remaining dates for his tour due to some unforeseen circumstances. Meanwhile, it was also reported that the singer had been exhausted of his shows and he barely wanted to take some rest.

Best decision

Entertainment Tonight has reported that Beiber already had 150 shows during his tour. Thus, it was believed that the singer was exhausted and he wanted to relax for the meantime. As much as he wanted to, Beiber doesn't want to disappoint his fans. However, he still went on with his best decision, and that is to cancel the remaining dates for the "Purpose" world tour.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that refunds would be given to the concert goers immediately.

At some point, some of his fans also showed some support and had tried to understand his recent decision. On the other hand, it was speculated that Beiber wanted to focus on something which led him to the decision of ending his shows for the meantime.

Beiber to focus on his faith

Following his recent announcement of canceling his shows, a new report has claimed that the young singer wanted to shift his focus on church works and on increasing his faith.

It was also believed that Beiber has been planning to start his own church and thus, spending more of his days into it is deemed very important.

As of now, Beiber's camp hasn't cleared out yet the "unforeseen circumstances" which they revealed during their recent statement. Moreover, most of his fans around the world still look forward that he will still resume his world tour in some other time.

Meanwhile, the recent news also came from a source from the Hillsong Church Conference and this made everyone believed that the singer simply wanted to reconnect and strengthen his faith a lot more. Amid the news, Beiber is yet to confirm or to give comments about it. Nonetheless, his fans were happy knowing that his decision will make him happier.