"Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 3 airs in just three days and there is so much to be excited about. With a runtime of 63 minutes, "The Queen's Justice" will be one of the longest episodes the show has had. And when "Game of Thrones" has an episode this long, we are bound to get some quality content. With that being said, let's dive deeper into what we can expect. Be careful though, because you are about to enter the spoiler territory.

Big Stark reunion

The teaser preview for "The Queen's justice" episode features teary-eyed Sansa Stark walking away from the Winterfell Heart Tree.

This isn't the only time we see this shot which tells us straight away that there is something important going on in this scene. But what can cause Sansa to look like that? Especially having in mind that she has been pretty unemotional for quite some time. Last time she showed anything more than a cold look on her face was when she saw Jon Snow at Castle Black back in Season 6. This makes me think that she will be reuniting with a sibling in this episode as well. I'll even go as far as to say that she will meet two of her long-lost siblings because both Bran and Arya will reach Winterfell by the end of this episode.

Given the fact that the show had characters traveling at a fast pace many times before, it stands the reason to believe that something like that will happen again.

After all, we last saw Bran arriving at Castle Black two episodes ago, so he is definitely going to reach Winterfell early in episode 3. Maybe this is why Sansa is so full of emotions. Maybe Bran will tell her, or even show her something. As far as Arya is concerned, we last saw her heading North, so my guess is that she will arrive home later in the episode.

More deaths

In the South, we'll get two more battles. Judging by the promo, Jaime will probably take Highgarden, the seat of House Tyrell with the help of Rendyll Tarly. But the victory won't mean much since the Unsullied army will take Casterly Rock. And in my opinion, these battles might result in deaths of two major characters.

The first one could be Olenna Tyrell who will be back at Highgarden early in the episode. And if Jaime takes her castle, she could either drink poison to avoid imprisonment or Jaime himself could kill her when he finds out that she killed Joffrey.

The other most likely candidate to die is Grey Worm in the battle for Casterly Rock. In my opinion, the Captain of the Unsullied already had his closure in the last episode with Missandei which in "Game of Thrones" world can often mean death.

Down in King's Landing Euron Greyjoy will present his gifts to Cersei. But, in my opinion, nobody is going to die there. Yet.