Jeremy Meeks, otherwise known as the "hot felon" who shot to fame in 2014 after his mugshot went viral, has disabled comments on his Instagram account. According to US Weekly, the 33-year-old felon-turned-model made the decision after receiving massive backlash following his divorce from wife Melissa Meeks.

Jeremy was caught cheating on his wife of eight years when he was photographed kissing "Made in Chelsea's" Chloe Green earlier on this month. The model was supposedly on a business trip in Turkey, according to his wife, when the photograph was taken.

Since the news of the affair broke, Jeremy has received backlash from the public on social media. Subsequently, fans can now only "like" the model's pictures on Instagram.

Melissa speaks out about affair

38-year-old Melissa spoke to the Daily Mail about the cheating allegations and divorce in an article which was published on July 8. The mother-of-three said she thought her husband was on a business trip and not spending time with another woman. Expressing her hurt and grief, Melissa said that she is angry at the couple and that their actions cannot be forgiven.

Melissa, who works as a nurse, told the publication that she knew her marriage was not perfect but that she believed it was far from over.

She said that the fact that it has all been in the public eye has only made it harder for her to deal with, and she said that the two have "destroyed" her entire world. The mom added that she doesn't know what to tell her children and that they are victims of the situation.

She expressed her shock that Jeremy and Green did not consider the impact that the affair would have on the children.

Melissa found out about the affair when a random Instagram user sent her a private message telling her to look at the photograph in it. After trying to reach her husband, who did not answer her calls or texts, Melissa said that she was hurt and really angry. Jeremy is believed to have met Green at the Cannes Film Festival last May.

Melissa said that she has no idea when the affair started, and she doesn't think she ever will.

2014 mugshot turned Meeks into a star

Meeks shot to fame in 2014 when his mugshot went viral. The "hot felon" was serving a 27-month sentence for possession of a firearm and grand theft at the time. Meeks' modeling career really took off when he made his debut at New York Fashion Week last February. The star has over one million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately for Melissa, Jeremy and Green have not been subtle about their blossoming relationship. Green posted a photo of the two on her Instagram account recently accompanied by a caption celebrating the beginning of their relationship and acknowledging the public's love and hate.