Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. It’s true. We’ve finally reached the end of the season! In this new finale Episode 11, Rachel will finally reveal which lucky guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Before that happens, Rachel will go on two more romantic dates so she can come up with a firm decision on who’s the right guy for her. Reality Steve has also revealed his prediction on who that guy is. We also have a very short spoiler description from ABC by way of TV Guide.

More informed decision

Neither Reality Steve or ABC revealed any of the details that will happen during the final two dates.

So, we won’t be able describe what exactly they will do on them. However, in the past, these finale episodes have started with the final two guys separately meeting the parents of the main lady. This is done so that the woman can get the outside opinion of her family members which should help her make a more informed decision. That’s not going to happen in this episode.

Rachel’s mother’s opinion

As we previously reported, Rachel’s family was not able to make it out to the location of the finale due to Rachel’s sister being pregnant. So, they actually had the final 3 guys meet with Rachel’s family in Dallas during the hometown dates episode. Rachel’s mom was a beast in that episode. She asked very real and deep questions.

She also mentioned that she’s just not convinced that people can fall so deeply in love in just a short amount of time on a TV show. Her take on things was very interesting and entertaining.

With that being said, this means that ABC will fill up that first 45 minutes to an hour with something else. We don’t know what that will be since they were very tight-lipped in their description of the finale episode.

They only said that Rachel will make her decision as season 13 concludes. So, when I say tight-lipped I mean they’re super glued shut. It does make sense though. Of course they don’t want to ruin their big finale episode.

Bryan Abasolo

We did expect to hear more about the finale from Reality Steve but he didn’t say much either.

He just pretty much revealed his prediction of who the lucky guy will be. He reported that guy will be Bryan Abasolo. He said that Rachel is currently engaged to him.

Steve also posted a long article about how his sources originally told him that Peter Kraus was the guy Rachel picked. However, after some other facts came to light, they corrected themselves and said it was indeed Bryan. Steve’s finale predictions have been correct way more times than they have been wrong. So, we do expect to see Bryan be the one to get that final rose in this episode.

One last date

Getting back to the episode’s description. In the past, they’ve shown the girl go on one last date with the final two guys. It’s usually very romantic and both the guys get a definite impression that they’re the one the girl will pick.

Then one of them gets an unfortunate reality check in that final scene. It should be another entertaining finale. The finale episode 11 is confirmed to air next Monday night, August 7,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. It will be followed up by the “After The Final Rose” live show which will air for an additional hour. Stay tuned.