Jeremy Meeks, who was first reported to have filed a divorce from Melissa Meeks, was spotted taking his romance to another level in Los Angeles with Chloe Green. Both were seen in a romantic mood together just after several days when Melissa also confirmed that her Relationship with the former husband is over. Meeks, who was popularly known as "hot felon" after his mugshot went viral several years ago, couldn't help but display his sweet gestures together with his new woman.

Romantic pool sessions

Meeks and Green were both spotted in the swimming pool.

It was believed that both had stayed in one of the hotels in Los Angeles. Further, as per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the sexy Green was also seen kissing the mugshot guy.

Both were also seen enjoying a night out together in Los Angeles. Meeks sported a casual look with his black and white outfit while Green was seen wearing her slinky black dress. Without a doubt, the rumored pair simply enjoyed each other's company together.

To recall, Melissa Meeks, his estranged wife, also had issued an official statement that their marriage is over and that their divorce has been warranted. Hence, the latest romantic issues came after the news broke about their separation. Meanwhile, Green, on the other hand, was also caught by some press while kissing the lips of the hot model in the yacht.

Public humiliation

After the news broke that Meeks was seen in a romantic kiss with Green, his former wife has also shared that both of them had destroyed her family which she considered her entire world. She further added that both were not even thinking of the effects of their actions to their children.

As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, Melissa has believed that she has been humiliated through their nasty gestures in public.

She also felt sad for her children since they were all innocent victims of what happened to their relationship.

Nonetheless, Melissa will try to move forward from her ill-fated relationship and will focus more of her time to their children.

On Friday, she also had posted a photo on Instagram while leaving a caption that says, "Better be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie."

On that same day, Meeks was also reportedly having a date night with Green, the Topshop heiress. After the news broke out, the rumored couple was believed to have jetted away to Germany for another time to be spent with each other. Amid the news, both parties have kept themselves mum and are yet to give their respective comments about it.