"A Ghost Story" is an American drama which was written and directed by David Lowery. The movie follows a couple "C" and "M" who live on a Texas ranch. "C" passes away unexpectedly and the movie follows his life as a corpse as he walks around with a sheet over his body. "C" watches life pass him by as he is unable to leave the Earth and transcend into the next plain of existence.

The main protagonist is a ghost

"A Ghost Story" is a unique take on what happens after death. The movie's protagonist is a member of the undead played by actor Casey Affleck.

Casey and his co-star Rooney Mara play the married couple in "A Ghost Story." The couple does not have names but simply refer to one another as "C" and "M." They live a simple life on a Texas ranch to which "C" has a strange obsession. Before this obsession can be explored in more detail, "C" unfortunately passes away.

According to Catholic News, his corpse is covered with a sheet at the hospital. This is a very important point in the movie as when "C" decides to leave the hospital the sheet remains part of his character. His corpse walks through the hospital and a tunnel of light appears and disappears ahead of him.

It is clear from this imagery that "C" is simply not ready to leave this world just yet.

He leaves the hospital and then begins to spend his time watching life passing him by from windows and corners. The most poignant part of "A Ghost Story" is "C" watching his widow live on without him.

The movie includes massive time jumps

Due to the nature of the main character, there is some time jumps included throughout. According to Film House, the character of "C" watches several years pass by.

He watches his daughter grow up and the audience gets to watch as the husband and father see his family forget him and continue about their lives.

David Lowery is an exceptionally talented director. He uses an abundance of symbols and imagery through the movie to highlight the theme of life and death. "A Ghost Story" has a tremendous cast which helps to bring the story of life and death to light.

Casting includes the likes of such actors as Casey Affleck. Rooney Mara, Will Oldham, Sonia Acevedo, Liz Franke and Rob Zabrecky.

"A Ghost Story" is due to be released in theaters worldwide later on this year. The movie was already screened at Sundance Film Festival this year where it received great reviews. The plot and characters of "A Ghost Story" make the audience consider the reality of life and death in a new and poignant way.