Jeremy Meeks, the hot felon-turned-model, was deported from the U.K. two days ago, where he was planning on attending a launch party for a cover he shot for “Man About Town.” Meeks became an internet sensation in 2014, after he was arrested and police shared his mugshot. That mugshot was shared tens of thousands of time as it clearly portrayed his stunning good looks. Since that time Meeks has become a model and is also hoping to act in the future.

‘Hot felon’ mugshot led to Jeremy Meeks’ fame

As noted by Vogue, Meeks did time during his early twenties on charges of theft and forgery.

However, what shot him into the headlines was his arrest on felony weapons charges in 2014. The initial posting of his police mugshot on Facebook gained tens of thousands of likes and ended up giving him the title of “hot felon.”

On his release from prison, Meeks was signed up with White Cross Management and made his catwalk debut earlier this year at New York Fashion Week. From there, he continues to grow as a model, while studying acting in Los Angeles.

‘Man About Town’ cover for hot convict

However, it seems his felony weapons charges were the reason Meeks was barred from entering the U.K.

His photographer, Steven Klein spoke out in his defense, saying they were supposed to attend a launch event through Meeks' agency SUPA models for the “Man About Town” cover, but despite having the correct documentation, he was deported and sent back to California.

Klein went on to Instagram to say how proud they are of Meeks’ work with “Man About Town,” which they feel helps the public to see the hot felon in a new light – not as a criminal, but as he is today.

He was dismayed to find out that U.K. border control had sent Meeks back to the U.S., adding that he has done his time and is just trying to start a new life with his family. Klein said Meeks is being unfairly judged for his past, with no knowledge of who – and what – he has since become.

Jeremy Meeks – family man

As for Meeks, he told “Man About Town” that he had been told all his life that he was handsome and that he had beautiful eyes.

In fact he reckons he’s heard it a hundred times every day. He said it got to the point that he wouldn’t pay any mind to it. Meeks said his looks didn’t fix things then, as he still had a father doing life in prison and a heroin-addicted mother. He and his siblings were still struggling to get by.

As noted by Page Six, Meeks went on to say that he is now trying to refocus is life to get away from his criminal past and hot felon image. He said he is a family man, a father, husband, uncle and best friend, adding that he is also a Christian and a God-fearing man.