"iZombie" Season 3 just addressed the biggest issue since the beginning. In Rob Thomas' world, zombies do exist and they are creating havoc in Seattle. Can Liv Moore and the gang save the world and the entire human race?

Season 3 Recap

The zombie cat is now out of the bag! Liv (Rose O'Brien) must now do everything to stop Chase (Jason Dohring) and his plans. In the final episode, her latest (and accidental) paramour injected the zombie serum to the vaccine that may cure the Aleutian flu.

Chase Graves then slated a worldwide broadcast about the zombie outbreak and how it will endanger the lives of everyone.

In exchange of "controlling" the issue, he requests an ample supply of human brains or else.

Liv faces a radical change, will she lose her job?

The zombie cat is now out of the bag, can Liv still work as medical resident/psychic detective? Well, showrunner Rob Thomas told TV Line that she and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) will work on 'human" murder cases but they will have a counterpart from the undead side.

He also teased that Liv might have a new job under her belt since the huge zombie outbreak reveal. It will be part of the long story arcs for "iZombie" Season 4.

Major looks into an undead future again

Robert Buckley's character has decided to become a zombie for the nth time. It seems that he cannot move on from the deaths of Natalie and his friends.

Liv and Major will be on the opposite ends regarding this issue.

The two will have a hard time accepting each other's beliefs that will hinder them from finding some common ground. However, Liv and Major will continue supporting each other along the way despite all of it.

Season 4, episode 1 spoilers

Thomas shared a lot of hints on what will happen to Ravi (Rahul Kohli) in "iZombie" Season 4 Episode 1.

He has been interested in finding a cure but the gone missing and now, he will do it again.

According to Thomas, he and his creative team had some debates over the topic. He said that despite sacrificing himself for science, there's a chance that Ravi won't turn just like the others.

Previous reports speculate that Ravi's own cure concoction will not have the same results like before.

In the past, Major, Blaine, and Natalie became humans because of it.

However, Thomas pointed out that there will be some "side effects" but it will not kill Ravi. What could be the adverse effects? Will he crave for brains as well?. Thomas did not divulge on this but revealed that Ravi's "fun" storyline will take place in the next season.

When is the season 4 release date?

The CW announced that "iZombie" Season 4 will have a midseason premiere. Aside from the show, "The Originals" Season 5 will also join the return of "The 100." The four new series that will premiere during fall are "Valor," "Dynasty," "Black Lightning" and "Life Sentence."

What's next for Chase and Filmore Graves? Can Liv stop him from harming humans and their existence?

What can happen to Ravi and his "little experiment"?

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