The big news is out for fans of Ian Buchanan. He is actually returning to "The Bold and the Beautiful." Soap fans are shocked, and many were hoping for a return to "General Hospital," but this one is enough to make them happy. TV Insider shared the details about Ian's return and what is going on with him.

What is the plan for Ian on "The Bold and the Beautiful"?

He will be back once again as psychiatrist James Warwick. "The Bold and the Beautiful" really seems to be enjoying bringing back old faces lately. Eric Forrester is going to hire him so that he can see how Shelia Carter really is doing.

Shelia was just recently brought back to the show, and she swears that she is mentally stable, but it sounds like Eric isn't quite convinced and wants to make sure before really letting her back into his life.

Ian explained in a recent interview with TV Insider that he spent more years at "The Bold and the Beautiful" than he ever did at "General Hospital." When he heard that they had brought Shelia back, he didn't think he would be coming back too, but that is exactly what happened.

So why did Eric decide to have him work with Shelia? He explained it saying, "To keep everything discreet, Eric wanted to go to somebody in the family. [Laughs] There are lots of nutcases in the family, but only one psychiatrist.

So here I am!" It sounds like this was a great reason to bring him back to "B&B" and Ian is happy to be playing the role once again on the show.

How long will he be around and when can you see him?

It turns out that Ian Buchanan has already started filming for the show, but he won't be airing until August. As long as everything goes as planned, he is scheduled to start airing on August 16.

Right now, he is not under a contract, but it is open-ended, which means he could be around for a while. They will just have to make the big decision of how long they want him to stick around.

Fans have really missed seeing Ian Buchanan as Duke Lavery on "General Hospital." It doesn't look like there is any chance they will be bringing him back unless they do another dream scene or he ends up coming back to life like soap operas are known for doing.

Are you surprised to hear that Ian Buchanan is returning to "The Bold and the Beautiful"? Do you feel like there is any chance that he will come back to "General Hospital" again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Ian on his return to "The Bold and the Beautiful."