Eric Forrester is not in good shape on 'The Bold and The Beautiful' after learning the truth about his wife Quinn and son Ridge. Meanwhile, Sheila Carter may have a hard time carrying out her plans, as her former psychiatrist comes to town.

Quinn and Ridge told Eric about what happened in San Francisco. They were forced to confess after Sheila threatened Quinn as seen in the previous episode. Now, Eric is furiously angry at Quinn and Ridge for betraying him.

Will Eric reconcile with his wife and son?

Eric is not convinced by their admission, though Quinn clarified that nothing happened between her and Ridge, aside from the kiss.

The latest 'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers reveal that Eric will continue asking questions about his son and his wife. His investigation may eventually lead to him getting back with his ex-wife Sheila, who apparently knows of the incident. Sheila may take advantage of the situation by lying to him.

Eric pushes son away from his life. Celeb Dirty Laundry reckons he may not consider Ridge as his son anymore. Ridge is going to be very hurt by his father's words, but what he and Quinn did to him is more painful than his curse.

Sheila's ex-husband and doctor is in town

Dr. James Warwick, played by ‘General Hospital’ actor Ian Buchanan, is returning to evaluate Sheila's current mental status. According to TV Insider, Buchanan reprises his role in 'The Bold and the Beautiful' since July 5 to shoot his scenes. These episodes are scheduled to air on August 16.

'B&B' plot spoilers mention that Eric will enlist the help of a psychiatrist for Sheila's mental stability. He turns to Dr. James since he knows Sheila very well and given the fact that they were married some years ago.

Apparently, James' presence may also open up past issues between him and Sheila. Apart from the possibility that she might get busted for faking her mental stability, she may be convinced by James to get back with him if he still has feelings for her. Sheila may, however, use this to easily manipulate the psychiatrist.

Fans of the show knew James and Sheila's relationship ended on bad terms as she just left him for unknown reasons. It can be possible that the August episodes will clear their past issues. Hence, Sheila and James's scenes are definitely not to be missed. It has been a long time since fans saw the two together in 'B&B'.

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