A little less than 24 hours ago, Executive Producer of "Star Wars Rebels" #Dave Filoni revealed a new moment from season two of the show between fan favorite character Ahsoka Tano and the Bendu. The latter is a character that would not be revealed in the show until the beginning of the third season. Ever since that revelation, fans have been going wild and wondering what to make of it. As in usual Filoni fashion, he gave fans more questions than answers.

New moment

Despite the third season of the show ending in March of this year, fans are still talking about a moment that happened at the end of season two, Ahsoka v.

Darth Vader. After going against him, the answer of whether she survived or not has been up for debate. Only in recent months has it been revealed (by way of a quick t-shirt change at Star Wars Celebration this past April), that she is in fact still alive. Without him coming out and specifically saying the words, "Yes, she is alive," or "No, she is dead," it is difficult to say whether he is simply trolling fans, as he has been known to do before.

The short dialogue he recently posted between Ahsoka and the Bendu however, seems to almost confirm her survival. In this, she talks to the Bendu about her upcoming fight with Anakin/Vader saying, "I have to know the truth." For the sake of her conscious, she feels that she has to know whether or not it is truly her former master under that mask committing these horrible deeds for the dark side.

If it is really him, she questions whether or not she can do something to save him and the galaxy overall.

The part that gets really interesting however happens at the end, when Ahsoka asks if she will die. To this, the Bendu cryptically answers, "Will you? I did not know that. Goodbye then, Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Knight." While on the one hand, it appears as if he is saying that she will survive, on the other, it does not say how.

Other earlier tweets from Dave Filoni have led fans to speculate that she does in fact survive and comes back as either a convoree (as briefly seen at the end of her final episode of season 2), or a wolf as seen being ridden by Ezra and Sabine in the trailer for season 4.

Fan reaction

Ever since he released this bit of new information on his Twitter page, the fan reaction has been strong.

Responses have included, "No big deal. I’m just gonna real quick drop THIS MASSIVE NUGGET OF INFO!!!!!" and "YOU CAN'T JUST CASUALLY DROP SOMETHING LIKE THAT DAVE." In short, they were shocked and amazed at how casually he released this important piece of information. Due to this, fans are now left wondering what it means. Some are saying that Ahsoka is essentially Schrödinger's cat, meaning she is both alive and dead at the same time, while others are speculating that, "Maybe it's like Gandalf Grey dying and becoming Gandalf The White. Ironically she is now grey." The last part is referring to the fact that Ahsoka could be a Grey Jedi, that is, someone who does not follow the Jedi code, but instead is open to using both sides of the force with balance.

With just this small snippet of dialogue and picture between the two characters, Dave was instantly able to get fans salivating for more. Theories about what happened to her are once again coming back into the fandom. The question is, why now? Considering how he rarely does anything without a plan, one has to wonder what it is and if it has something to do with the airing of "Forces of Destiny" on Disney's official YouTube channel. For now, all we can do is speculate.