The next Doctor has just been revealed and people simply cannot stop talking about Jodie Whittaker. Although some are still unconvinced about having a woman play the Time Lord in "Doctor Who," it looks like Whittaker can prove that she is the best candidate to portray the 13th Doctor. The news was released by the BBC in a statement that was cited by Doctor Who TV.

Jodie Whittaker might be known as Beth Latimer in Chris Chibnall's ITV series "Broadchurch" but the future "Doctor Who" lead actress caught the attention of sci-fi lovers long before she nabbed the role of 13 in "Doctor Who.

" Whittaker already proved her worth in the highly acclaimed first season of "Black Mirror" as well as the awesome cult classic "Attack The Block".

Using the grain to see the future in 'Black Mirror'

The sci-fi series might now belong to Netflix, but in 2011, the first season of "Black Mirror" shocked audiences with a bitter tale featuring Jodie Whittaker. "The Entire History of You" took place in an alternate reality that had people using "grains", an implanted device that records everything they see, say or do. Although the implant only allows the user to revisit the past, the episode somehow predicted that the world would be very interested in seeing more of Whittaker soon.

The future "Doctor Who" star certainly made an impression as Ffion, the cheating wife of a young lawyer played by "Kong: Skull Island" actor Toby Kebbell.

However, her appearance in Charlie Brooker's show was not Whittaker's first foray with sci-fi in 2011.

Helping Finn from 'Star Wars' defeat aliens in 'Attack the Block'

Earlier in 2011, Jodie Whittaker starred alongside relative newcomer John Boyega in "Attack the Block". Whittaker played a young nurse who teamed up with Boyega's samurai-wielding thug to defend their neighborhood from invading aliens.

Joe Cornish's directorial debut was a major hit, earning praise from critics.

Things are certainly looking up for both John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker. Boyega is currently one of the leads in the new "Star Wars" trilogy while Whittaker has been confirmed as the 13th Doctor in "Doctor Who". The announcement was made through a short video that aired after the men's Wimbledon finals.

A woman who can manage to go back in time (through the "grain") and battle aliens is most certainly a prime candidate to be Peter Capaldi's replacement. Jodie Whittaker will debut as the first female regeneration of the Time Lord in the "Doctor Who" Christmas special "The Doctors," which premieres on BBC on December 25.