rachel lindsay has finally given some hints on whom she will end up with in the reality TV series, the "Bachelorette." Apparently, Lindsay has mentioned the secret code name "Jerome," during the latest episode of the show. She further added that her fiance whom she calls with such name is the man she wanted to marry and someone whom she has felt deeply in love with.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has also shared that the 32-year old lawyer has been using the name "Jerome" in order to hide the real identity of her fiance. Meanwhile, Lindsay further revealed that her man also loves it when she called him with that code name.

Hence, it looks as if the "Bachelorette" fans really have to wait until the season finale in order for Lindsay to finally reveal his true identity.

Keep things confidential

Lindsay has further considered herself being good at keeping things confidential. She added that she is a lawyer in nature; hence, keeping things as private as possible is already a kind of her work. Meanwhile, at some point, the "Bachelorette" star revealed that hiding her fiance's identity is hard; however, she still needs to do it.

Further, as part of keeping their relationship a secret, Lindsay added that both of them have to sacrifice the days of not being together. There are times when they really miss each other for not having their time for a couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, Lindsay has always been sure of her feelings towards her mystery man.

Amid the secret code name that she revealed, her fans are still looking forward that sooner Lindsay will finally reveal her long-kept secret. To recall, everyone was left in awe when they learned about Lindsay's engagement. Nevertheless, the 32-year old lawyer is yet to reveal the engagement ring on her finger.

Monday night shows

As Lindsay continued her "tell all," she added that she doesn't want her fiance to watch her episodes during Mondays. However, she also feels that her fiance needs to know everything that is happening on the show. Even though Mondays are difficult to time for each other, Lindsay will try her best to explain everything that is happening on the show.

Nevertheless, she further admits that she is happy and having a great time with her man. Meanwhile, fans still have to wait for a couple of weeks for them to find out the guy whom Lindsay is finally picking up with. The "Bachelorette" season finale is definitely worth the wait. Stay tuned and find out who's "Jerome" really is.