A second "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off is officially happening. While ABC already announced it months ago, very little was known about the show. There was always the chance that it would be pulled. However, Shonda Rhimes has now signed on her executive producer and producing director for the show, paris barclay. A familiar face from "Grey's" is also going to make a move to the new show, Stacy McKee.

All-new cast expected for the 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off

At this time, there are no series regulars from the medical drama expected to appear in the spin-off.

This is the opposite of the first "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off, "Private Practice." The spin-off focused on former Seattle Grace doctor, Addison Montgomery, as she chose to walk away from her failed marriage and those she made friends with in Seattle and move to Los Angeles.

The latest spin-off isn't focused on a medical drama, so the lack of "Grey's" series regulars makes sense. However, there were rumors at one point that Jason George's character, Ben Warren, would make a jump from the medical drama and into fire fighting. The character became detective and fire fighter in the season 13 finale when he realized he was the last person to see Stephanie Edwards with the rapist and attacker.

Who is Paris Barclay?

Those who are fans of other Shondaland dramas will already be familiar with Barclay's work. He is currently a producer of "Scandal," which will come to an end after its upcoming season.

It makes sense for him to jump into another Shondaland drama, considering he has a positive working relationship with the overall EP.

According to Christian Post, the first episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 14 will serve as the backdoor pilot for the spin-off. This will make sense since the fire fighters will likely still be at the hospital considering some floors blew up after Edwards attempted to save her and a young girl from the rapist.

Some people claim that the fire fighter drama will be Shonda's attempt to take on the NBC "One Chicago" series. The NBC series started with "Chicago Fire," focused on the lives and drama of Chicago's fire fighters. It continues for a sixth season in fall 2017 and there are no signs of it slowing down. Fans have nicknamed the "Grey's" spin-off "Seattle Fire," until an official name is given.

The spin-off will show a mixture of the jobs and private lives of the Seattle fire fighters. The characters and actors in those roles are still to be confirmed.