“Grey’s Anatomy” fans were already excited. ABC had renewed the show for another year and confirmed it would keep its Thursday night 8 p.m. time slot. It’s clear that this is one of the strongest performing shows on the network and ABC doesn’t want to do anything to mess that up. The only change will be to a new show on the network connected to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

There is going to be a spinoff. Shonda Rhimes will helm yet another project in an attempt to take on Dick Wolf’s monopoly on NBC. ABC has confirmed that there will be two new shows, one of those a “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff focused on firefighters.

‘Seattle Fire’ coming to ABC

The firefighting spinoff doesn’t have a name yet, but “Grey’s Anatomy” and “One Chicago” fans can’t help but nickname it “Seattle Fire.” After all, the spinoff synopsis certainly makes it sound like Rhimes is taking on NBC’s popular “Chicago Fire.” The show will focus on the private lives of the firefighters at a local firehouse, while they tackle various calls.

These firefighters will be introduced to the show sometime in season 14. The backdoor pilot will likely take place during the first half of the season, before the winter break, allowing the “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff to premiere after the winter break.

There isn’t a confirmed number of episodes yet, but ABC may opt for 10-13 episodes to make sure it is a viable show.

No current “Grey’s” characters are confirmed for the spinoff just yet. Some fans wonder if Matt, April’s paramedic ex-fiance, will join the cast as part of the paramedic team connected to the firehouse.

Interestingly enough, “Grey’s Anatomy” began as a midseason show. The network believed it would be a good replacement for midseason show “Boston Legal,” but soon found that it was extremely popular with the fan base and moved it to a full-season order fall show for the second season.

Not the only new Shonda Rhimes drama

The “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff is not the only new Rhimes drama coming to the network. ABC has also confirmed a legal drama, with “One Chicago” fans commenting that it seems similar to “Chicago Justice.”

This legal drama will be called “For the People.” It doesn’t currently have a date to run and may be a midseason show for the network.

Most other legal dramas have found that spring and summer premieres work better, including “Boston Legal” and “Suits.”

The new legal drama does not look like a “Grey’s” spinoff. Instead, it just looks like another Rhimes potential hit like “How to Get Away with Murder” and “Scandal.”