"Unlocked" was directed by Michael Apted. The screenplay was written by Peter O'Brien. The movie follows the story of a female C.I.A agent by the name of Alice Racine. Alice fails to apprehend a terrorist in Paris and her punishment is that she must work in London under the guise of a caseworker. One day the former C.I.A agent receives contact from her former mentor Eric Lasch about an impending terrorist attack. Casting includes such actors as Orlando Bloom, Noomi Rapace, and Michael Douglas.

Orlando Bloom to play ex-soldier

Orlando Bloom takes on the role of ex-soldier Jack in the movie "Unlocked." Character Alice turns to Jack when she realizes that the intel that the C.I.A have is compromised.

An outside organization is working with her former mentor Eric Lasch. Alice Racine decides that to save London from a terrorist attack she must go rogue. She flees from the C.I.A and turns to ex-soldier Jack for help.

Alice is warned off by her former mentor Lasch who threatens her life. When she continues to pursue the source of the Biological Weapon, she becomes the target of a killer. The C.I.A agent must now flee from her attackers while trying to locate the terrorists. Ex soldier Jack becomes her only trusted ally as the world surrounding her succumbs to corruption.

'Unlocked' is thrilling and full of suspense

"Unlocked" focuses on the imminent threat of a terror attack as well as the corruption in the C.I.A.

Not knowing who she can trust Alice Racine must work to find out who has the source of the biological attack before times runs out. The suspense is built throughout the movie as Racine is taken back into the C.I.A after being suspended. What she assumes is an interview with a terrorist source turns out to be a much more serious threat to the country.

The suspense is heightened as both Jack and Alice are caught in confrontations with their enemies. There are many fight scenes throughout the movie and the action is non stop. All the while, the clock is ticking down and Jack and Alice are desperate to put a stop to the terror attack. Alice must face off with her former mentor who taught her everything she knows.

Character Eric Lasche is by far the most dangerous opposition that Alice must face.

"Unlocked" is due to come to theaters in the US on September 1. The movie will also feature such cast members as Toni Collette and John Malkovich. Fans of Orlando Bloom can look forward to his part in the movie as ex-soldier Jack.